Why Nebim V3 ?

With Nebim V3 ERP, manage all your business processes from A to Z on the same platform and in an integrated way.
Comprehensive and Integrated
From purchasing to production, from financial management to sales, manage all your business processes on the same platform, from start to finish, in an integrated manner.
Open to Change and Growth
Use your ERP as a platform that will enable your company to grow, thanks to its modular structure and integration capabilities with other systems.
Quickly Adaptable
Realize your new projects quickly and with agility, thanks to ready-made functions specific to your industry and fast ERP adaptation methods developed by Nebim.

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Success Stories

Mert Optical
Mert Optic

Mert Optik Chairman of the Board Pala and Mert Optik Vice Chairman of the Boa...

B&G Store
Seyit Nabati B&G Store | Chairman of the Board Seyit Nebati, Chairman of the Board of Directo...
Ugur Ayaydin Silkroad | General manager Ayaydın-Miroglio Group, one of the important ready-t...
Seville Perfumery
Joseph Seville Sevil Perfumery | Founder Yusuf Sevilla, the Founder of Sevil Perfumery, Turke...

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Narkonteks Started to Manage Textile Production Processes with Nebim Production

Established in 2005 in İzmir and producing its own brand Blackspade i
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With Nebim V3 Mobile Store, We Manage Our In-Store Operations More Quickly and Efficiently

Supporting sports and athletes and managing all business processes wit
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We commemorate our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk with respect, longing and gratitude…

We commemorate our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk with respect, l
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